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The 4 U By U volunteer network is a network that's designed to be able to allow people with mental health issues such as Autism, Aspergers Syndrome and other conditions to come together and develop on their skills as well as provide support for others sharing the same difficulities. We also support those with high stress, depression, anxiety and many more diagnosed and un-diagnosed conditions to allow them to find some way to overcome their troubles.


Here at 4 U By U, it isn't all work, work, work... all of us chip in and decide what exactly we want to do! Whether it's seeking support for any skills we may need in the future, gaining the confidence to be able to actively take part or even as simple as wanting to do something to help others out... we're always working together towards our own little goals put together as a group!


One member of the 4 U By U volunteer network mentioned that "4U By U helped me get out of the house and my own head to start connecting with people again. We have all grown alongside the network, constantly changing and developing. It's great for us to be in control of the network."


One main principle that we at the network like to bring forward is the fact that no matter how you may feel nervous about sharing your ideas because of viewing them as 'bad' or 'silly'... every single one of us feels the exact same way when we're uncertain. When we come together as a group and talk about those ideas... well, that's when the real fireworks start! Before we know it, we've come up with lots of crazy and fun ideas that have helped bring people out of their shells... anything from flash mobs, knit and knatter or theater groups. Thing is, we're always open to new ideas!


We cannot do this without the support of willing volunteers however as there simply isn't enough hours in the day for everything possible to be done... that's why we're always willing to accept new volunteers even if they have no background in supporting those who have issues as a full induction and training will be available for them.


We also appreciate anyone who spreads the word about the network as there's always someone who just needs a helping hand to reach out to them and may not be certain if they would be comfortable in such environments or may be afraid of how people may treat them.



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