Board of Directors

Name: Sarah Hagerup


Description: I am the Founder and Managing Director of Climb4, as well as being the Community Engagement Manager. I am also an experienced teacher. I am passionate about teaching and inclusion of  health and mental well-being as well as being a keen performing artist.


Describe Yourself: Full of Sparkle.



Name: Jordan Hagerup  


Description: I am a Climb 4 Director and also take on the role of Community Engagment Practitioner.  I am responsible for the co-ordination of the Decades Experience and Create the Tiger HOliday Club projects.  I also support Kelly French as a support assistant on the STEPP up Personal Development programme.   I have a biomedial science BSC Degree and I am a Mum to Lucy.


Descripton of yourself:  Little Miss Commitee/ Professor Jordan Potter



Name: Erika Hill


Description: Climb 4 Director and advises the board regarding Training, Education and Sport.  Erika is a trained post 16 teacher whose speciality is Sport.  She also has a range of Fitness qualifications.  Erika has assisted the Create the Tiger Team and RESPECT team delivering activities for these projects.  


Description of Yourself: 

Name: Rebecca Rogers-Thomas


Description:  Climb 4 Director and advises the board regarding Adult social care in particular care of Older People.  Rebecca presently works as a carer, however in the past she has worked in primary schools as a TA and was the manager of a local off-licence.  


Description of Youself: 



Name: Kerry Ward


Description: Climb 4 Director and advise the board regarding mental health and well-being and Arts Delivery.  Kerry presently works at the Hospital in Medical records and also works for PQA Cleethorpes.  


Description: If in doubt- 'Jazz Hands' 

Meet the Staff

Name: Kelly French 


Description: Community Education Practitioner.  Responsible for the delivery and co-ordination of the STEPP up Personal Development programme and PATCH lifestyle- Parents Act Together for Children's Health


Description of yourself:

Name: Jada Burgess


Description: Community Education Assistant.   Jada began her time with Climb 4 as a Volunteer.  Then progressed to a Trainee, Apprentice and finally became fully employed.  Jada is a fabulous role model for young people and demonstrates passion, determination and initiative at all times.  Well done Jada!


Description of yourself

Name: Lauren Stamford


Description- Volunteer and Graduate Performing Arts Activity Co-ordinator (Freelance).  We are very fortunate to have Lauren on our team.  She provides her time for free 2 days a week.  However she is also part of our Graduate Training programme- shadowing and assisting our delivery staff.  She has also been given the opportunity to work Freelance for Climb 4 on the Isolation Project - Co-ordinated by Equality Practice and the Decades Experience project (assistant Director).



Description: Trainee

Name: Vacancy (not currently accepting applications)


Description : Business and Administration Apprentice.




We are an award winning organisation, winning 'Avant Traineeship Employer 2019'.


Opportunities we can offer include:

  • Traineeship
  • Volunteering
  • Work Experience
  • Apprenticeships
  • Graduate Opportunities
  • Sessional Work


Currently searching for Volunteer to assist with our 'Create the Tiger Activity Bags Project'- Looking for packers, drivers and creative people to help create resources.  

​To join our ever growing and thriving team, or to enquire about further roles, contact us today!




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